Photo Gallery

Plants, Moss, Terrariums, and Paludariums.

I make custom terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums for people, in this gallery you will see my work and interesting plants I buy or collect. I also will include setups I have myself.

Telepogon sp. orchid from Costa Rica. This flower was growing wild. Kudos to mikhail kujawa from for identifying it. Orchids come in two forms, this one was aerial, meaning it grows without traditional substrate/soil it gains nutrients from rain and the moss around it’s roots.
A huge patch of foxtail moss I found, its somewhat rare.
not the best image, but this is an incredibly rare alpine slagenella I found, haven’t seen it since I found it. It is very hard to care for.
I believe this is an anubias plant, but I also thought that the fern is pretty cool.


I gave ants their own section because I find a lot of them, so I have a lot of pictures of them.

Pseudomyrmex pallidus, this is one of my first captive colonies. They lived seven months under my care and went through 4 setups. moving them so often is probably why they ended up dying off, also they started producing slates and not workers.
Atta cephalotes carrying leaves down to their nest.

Other Insects, Arachnids, and Isopods.

A cardinal jumping spider (Phiddipus cardinalis) scans the area searching for prey and predator alike.
Reticulatermes cf. hesperus, aka the western subterranean termite. I found these on a small hiking trail.
An unsubscribed species of assassin bug on a jungle leaf.

Reptiles and amphibians

Hold ON! I have to put some images up, I appreciate your patience.


sunset in the lower Rockies.
morning dew in the cloud forest.