Need terrarium advice or ant keeping guides?  We got it! Whether you need a naturalistic outworld for your favorite ant colony, a centerpiece on your desk, or a new setup for your favorite arthropods, Terrarium Worx may have the tips and tricks for you to build better, beautiful terrariums..

Formica sp. ant, Colorado’s most diverse genus.


Welcome to Terrarium Worx, where you can get terrarium kits and ant keeping kits to aid your hobby.


I am an avid ant keeper and love to make terrariums. When it comes to terrariums, if i wanted to start a project sometimes takes weeks to find the right plants. I hope to be able to have kits that not only have plants that contrast with each other, but a kit that contains all things required to set up a terrarium in one kit! When looking for ant-keeping materials, I could not find any bundles or kits for starting new projects, or setting up outworlds, making new nests, etc… My goal for this website is to eventually have kits for any circumstance!


About Us

Terrarium Worx strives to create the best environment for ant-keepers and terrarium makers by providing all-in-one kits to make purchasing materials easy!